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For anyone who was planning on attending my wedding this sat 11the, I'm sorry to say that it won't be going ahead. Scott and I love each other and were looking forward to our big day, but just 7 days before we were to declare our vows to one another, the Curate tells us that we MUST vow to love one another until death us do part and that this is in accordance with God's law, but when we first met, I made it clear that we would never vow to love each other until death, no,no, the vow we would make would be to Love each other for Eternity. There was no problem raised at that time. What's worse, is that we would HAVE to say that it was in accordance to Gods Holy Law, and we KNOW that that is not True.

I testify to everyone who cares to listen that many years ago Scott and myself found ourselves blessed by being taken in spirit together to be in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Face to face. Through the Fire in His eyes, we saw God our Father and it was made known to us with total and complete certainty of Truth that they were One in the same, that they have always been, and will always be, and never was there a time when this was not so. Being in the presence of God through Jesus declared to us that God is indeed Love. He is limitless undying Love that can never cease to be and in all that beauty, mercy and Love He revealed to us both that we have been bound together as one, in His love always. And that in fact, we are ALL bound together as one in His Love for all Eternity. Never to cease.

His Holy Law was upon us for a only a brief  moment, but that moment carried with it the knowledge and experience of Eternity at One with the Author and Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything within it.


Needless to say, that moment changed us both forever and will continue changing us right up until we make our way back home to Him in heaven.

To vow to love and cherish each other until death us do part does not come from God and is not a part of His Holy Law of Eternal Love because it comes to an end at the point of death and we know from God Himself that death has been defeated by Jesus giving His own life and then rising on the third day. All the Power and Authority He has over everything, He gives to us. He gives us ALL that same Authority and Power that is in him because of the greatness of His Love for us.

There is no way, that after having received such a glorious gift from Him, that either of us could or would ever stand before all our family and friends, the Curate, and the church of England, and make a vow that we know to be untrue. A lie, that is. And the plain Truth is, is that ALL lies can and will be traced back to the father of all lies, that forked tongued deceiver called Satan.

His language is different to God's. It is always contradictory to God's, and because God put His Word; His language in our hearts, even two seemingly insignificant small lines within the whole marriage ceremony that belong to Satan and not God stick out a million miles and can't be missed nor can they be ignored. They don't belong.

BUT...the church of England insist that we make those vows or they refuse to marry us. Even though they are not the ones entering into the vows! Vows are made by the couple that love each other as a declaration of that Love in the presence of God. There is no reason for the church to be so insistent on vows that they are not even making. Then again why would you be the church of a country when you could be the Church of God through Jesus Christ? That is what it's all about, after all. There will always come a point when a decision has to be made, on which path to walk. Will they bow down before the church of England ran by corruptible men, or will they submit themselves to the church of Christ that is as One and ran by incorruptible God?

It's blindingly obvious which path is Truth and leads all who are on it back home to be with the Father, and the one which leads all down a dead end road to nowhere.
I'm sorry that Emmanuel Church decided to hold on to the words of Satan when they could have followed the Words of Jesus.

They say there are a Christian church and yet even when I said to them if you won't do a marriage ceremony, will you instead do a simple church service celebrating the Love between two people who just happen to be born again Christians, so that in doing so, all our guests and loved ones could still meet at the church, get together and sing The Lord Of The Dance before moving on to the reception, causing far less upset and disappoint and confusion. No was their answer, because they say, it would be sending out the wrong message to all of our guests.

Again....the celebration of Love can never send out any wrong message, Love sends out only messages of good because all Love is Holy.

They say that it would undermine the value of marriage as though it wasn't needed.

The Truth is Love is greater than marriage. Jesus Himself tells us plainly over and over again that Love is the greatest of all commandments and if we are truly His disciples we must put Love above and before everything we do because in doing so all that we do will be made right by it.

Furthermore, I intended to and wanted to have a ceremony of marriage, but not at the cost of removing Love (which is the very essence of the Spirit of God) from the place it belongs; FIRST.
Put Love first, then everything follows Divine Order. Naturally.

In Jesus Name we'll forever remain in Love, Peace, Truth and Light. Amen.

Teresa and Scott Carey

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