Authorship, approval and acceptance of The Lectures on Faith

"During the month of January, I was engaged in the school of the elders and in preparing the lectures on theology for publication in the book of Doctrine and Covenants." (Joseph Smith, HC Volume 2, Chapter 13, January 1835)


Preface to the 1835 Edition of the Doctrine and Covenants

"We deem it to be unnecessary t[o] entertain you with a lengthy preface to the follow ing volume, but merely to say, that it contains in short, the leading items of the religion which we have professed to believe....

"We do not present this little volume with any other expectation than that we are to be called to answer to every principle advanced, in that day when the secrets of all hearts will be revealed, and the reward of  every man’s labor be given him.

"With sentiments of esteem and sincere respect, we subscribe ourselves your brethren in the bonds of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
F[rederick] G. WILLIAMS."


Joseph Smith Papers, describing the process of acceptance by all quorums and the all men and women in the church.

"On 17 August 1835, a general assembly of the church met 'for the purpose of Examining a book of commandments and covenants' that had been 'compiled and written by' the publication committee. 'This Committee having finished said Book according to the instructions given them,' the minutes read, 'it was deemed necessary to call the general assembly of the Church to see whether the book be approved or not by the authoroties of the church, that it may, if approved, become a law unto the church, and a rule of faith and practice unto the same.' Though the assembly was convened 'by the presidency of the Church,' JS and Frederick G. Williams, a member of the presidency, were in Michigan at the time of the assembly. The responsibility of presenting the book to the conference therefore fell to Oliver Cowdery, a member of both the presidency and the four-man publication committee. Sidney Rigdon, the other presidency member and committee member present, stood and 'explained the manner by which they intended to obtain the voice of the assembly for or against said book.' Voting on the book proceeded by quorums and groups, with the leader of each group bearing witness of the truth of the volume before his group voted to accept it. After the voting by quorums, the entire church membership present, both male and female, voted to accept the book as 'the doctrine and covenants of their faith.'" (Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations and Translations, Volume 2 page 307)


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