40 Years in Mormonism

Be of Good Cheer Be of Good Courage. (Boise) Audio Transcript
Faith. (Idaho Falls) Audio Transcript
Repentance. (Logan) Audio Transcript
Covenants. (Centerville) Audio Transcript
Priesthood. (Orem) Audio Transcript
Zion. (Grand Junction) Audio Transcript
Christ. (Ephraim) Audio Transcript
A Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit. (Las Vegas) Audio Transcript
Marriage and Family. (St. George) Audio Transcript
Preserving the Restoration. (Phoenix) Audio Transcript

Other Talks

Road to Emmaus Audio   Book
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First Three Words   Transcript Book
The Mission of Elijah Reconsidered Audio Transcript Book
Mormon Stories Audio    
Brigham Young's Telestial Kingdom   Transcript Book
Temple Talk Audio    
Constitutional Apostasy Audio    
Cutting Down the Tree of Life to Build a Wooden Bridge   Transcript  
Plural Marriage Audio Transcript  
Q&A with Tim Malone Audio    

The Second Comforter
Nephi's Isaiah
Eighteen Verses
Ten Parables
Beloved Enos
Come, Let Us Adore Him
Removing the Condemnation
Passing the Heavenly Gift
Remembering the Covenant volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Essays: Three Degrees

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