The Mystery of the Priesthood, Angels Cannot Understand It

"The endowment you are so anxious about, you cannot comprehend now, nor could Gabriel explain it to the understanding of your dark minds." (Joseph Smith, HC 2:22, p. 309)

"The mystery power and glory of the priesthood is so great and glorious that the angels desired to understand it and cannot: why, because of the tradition of them and their fathers in setting up stakes and not coming up to the mark in their probationary state." (Joseph Smith, 27 August 1843, Words of Joseph Smith, p. 247, James Burgess Notebook)

"King of Shiloam-power & authority over that of Abraham holding the key & the power of endless life.-angels desire to look into it, but they have set up to many stakes. god cursed the children of Israel because they would not receive the last law from Moses." (Joseph Smith, 27 August 1843, Words of Joseph Smith, p. 244, Willard Richards Diary)

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