Obtain power with God, or cease to administer the form without the power

"President Smith, while leading the way to my bed, made this remark: 'Brother Noble, you have been too long with me to lie here.' As soon as I saw him the tears of joy burst from my eyes. In a moment he was by my bedside, and took me by the hand. Without waiting for the other brethren to get to my bed, he commanded me, in the name of Jesus Christ, to arise and walk. I arose, and while putting on my clothes I fainted. When I regained consciousness I was on the bed, and Joseph was standing close to me.

"As soon as my eyes met his he said, 'Wherefore didst thou doubt?' and again commanded me to arise.

"While he was speaking I felt the healing virtue flowing through every part of my system. I immediately arose and walked, rejoicing and praising the Lord with all my heart, for His blessing resting upon me, by which I was made whole.

"Joseph, at this time, rebuked the Elders for administering the form without the power. Said he, 'Let the Elders either obtain the power of God to heal the sick, or let them cease to administer the form without the power.'" (Autobiography of Joseph Bates Noble)

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