"When about midway during the prayer, there was a glorious sensation passed through the house [Kirtland Temple]; and we, having our heads bowed in prayer, felt a sensation very elevating to the soul. At the close of the prayer, F. G. Williams being in the upper east stand- -Joseph being in the speaking stand next below--rose and testified that midway during the prayer an holy angel came and seated himself in the stand. When the afternoon meeting assembled, Joseph, feeling very much elated, arose the first thing and said the personage who had appeared in the morning was the Angel Peter come to accept the dedication." (Angell, Truman O. Autobiography of Truman O. Angell)

"During the ceremonies of the dedication an angel and sat near President Joseph Smith Sen. and Frederick G Williams so that they had a fair view of person He was a very tall personage black eyes hair and stoop shouldered his garment was whole to near his ankles on his feet he had sandals He was sent as a messenger to accept of the dedication." (Heber C. Kimball, Life of Heber C. Kimball, By Orson Ferguson Whitney)

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