“IT IS TRUE that thoughts are seeds. Each is a living entity of vibrating life, but every thought is not planted, or will not grow any more than every grain of wheat that comes forth will produce. No seed will grow unless it is planted.

“Grain comes forth only after it has been planted in the earth. There it germinates, breaking its outer shell, and gathering from the elements the strength and power of fulfillment, which it holds locked in the vision within itself, it comes forth multiplied.

“In the same way thoughts will only produce after they have been planted. This planting is done by holding to the thoughts with deep intensity until they are dropped into the realm of the emotions. This is conception. You have heard the expression, ‘he conceived the idea.’ This is an absolute fact. When thought and emotion mingle the thought is conceived and will come forth. When they connect with the feeling, or emotions they become living, vibrations, generated into growth and power, expanding into life and will as surely grow into their full stature of fulfillment as a kernel of wheat will grow if planted and given the necessary conditions to produce.

“A thought must be harbored as an emotion, such as a fear, or a deep desire, which find lodgment in the vibrating essence of life, then only is it liberated into the forces of creation. This point where thought and emotion meet is also the place where vibration is released, AND VIBRATION IS LIFE. Thus the life force is generated in the thought or seed and it reaches out to gather to itself its own, be it good or bad.

“The place of vibration is the center of life in each human being—when that life center and the conscious mind become united, with complete understanding, the body and the spirit blend in the power of the ‘at-one-meant,’ and-the mortal and the spiritual become completely united—the material seed, or thought, is released into the emotions, or source of life, to produce and grow. The word ‘father’ in its earliest meaning was known as ‘first cause’ or ‘first mover.’ Thus the mind is the first mover, or the cause, and has the power to plant the seeds of thought into the emotions, which is the female counterpart and contains all that is necessary to bring the seed forth to complete fulfillment. Thus the great creative-principle of Almighty God is complete in every child of earth. Yea, ‘all that the Father has, is yours.’ This is the complete power of the imagination—the power to ‘image in’ to the 'spiritual realm the living seed of thought that it might generate and come forth multiplied into tangible reality." (Annalee Skarin, Ye Are Gods, Chapter 8, How Thoughts are Planted and How They Produce, p. 69-70)

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