"Whatever the numbers were, the significance of Zion is not, and never was, its numerosity. The significance of Zion is its spiritual endowment. It is the power of heaven....It is not their big numbers which intimidate the ungodly. Even a handful is sufficient. Righteousness is a power in itself.

"Remember from the account of John when they came to arrest the Savior. He asked who they were seeking. They said "Jesus of Nazareth." He declared, "I am He." The guard stood face to face with righteousness. The imposing figure of the righteous Lord was enough to intimidate those who came with swords and with shields, protected and armed, while He was clothed only with the garments He had on and the force of righteousness within him. The guards "went backward, and fell to the ground." At that moment in that garden, in that presence, confined to the person of one individual, there was Zion." (Denver Snuffer, The Mission of Elijah Reconsidered)

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