Senseless Excommunications

Adrian & Tausha Larsen. Adrian discusses what apostasy really means on the one hand, and what it is you're excommunicated for on the other.

Adrian's wife was excommunicated for thought crimes in a 2 for 1 hearing as she had no blog and did not speak openly about these matters.


Brent Larsen talks to a Seventy and argues that this is Christ's church and not The Church of Thomas S. Monson or The Church of [Next/Previous President]. We should not be judged unworthy of blessings because, though we support him, pray for him, we do not believe he actually is, yet, a prophet, seer, revelator or translator. We are all supposed to be looking to Christ. When we find fault with a man we are not steadying the ark. The ark contained the covenants of God, it wasn't for toting David around.

The Seventy is patient and actually listens to Brent and they are both respectful. I find his trust in the arm of flesh disturbing, in that he says like many others, "if the prophet tells us to do something wrong, we ought to do it and the Lord will bless us for it" is both unsound, unscriptural and contradicts what Joseph told us. As well as "we don't need to be informed on so many things, that's what we have a prophet for."

This is the attitude I have found to be true among the members and leadership to which I've spoken. I first heard this adulation in the MTC twenty years ago and wondered then if it was correct.

I also found the assumptions he made interesting (he didn't know Denver's name, he called him "Duster" lol) he, almost without paraphrasing, said "he must be a real bad guy or he would not have been excommunicated and you should not listen to him. Don't you see, he's dangerous!" The Seventy let his cartoonish prejudices color / blind his vision and it is reminiscent of the wearying battle between Conservatives and Liberals. Nothing one side says to the other is true, it can't be, and it should never even be read. Everything in the Huffington Post for example is tainted and conspiratorially misleading. Truth is never even given an audience because we automatically dismiss it because of our traditions which Joseph said were the very fetters and chains of hell.

Joseph, a few months before his death said it was impossible getting anything through the heads of his generation and that even the saints were slow to understand, even after everything they had sacrificed for the Gospel's sake. He knew he was about to be taken. He spent his remaining time setting up Temple ordinances to point those with eyes to see, what he had been trying to communicate to them all along. Just as Moses wanted the children of Israel to rise but they refused. So they were cursed, and Moses setup a Temple that pointed them to the Savior. Those that had eyes to see (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, etc) did see and they received priesthood under the hand of God himself.


William T. Carter

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