A comment by a member of a fellowship: "I've been so pleased as I've been reading this forum. I didn't know anyone in the world or on the Internet talked about important things! I didn't know people could differ in opinions but still love one another! Marriage seems to be a proving ground, an middle school on overcoming contention. My wife and I have had our difficulties, but we always knew we loved one another, even though sometimes we couldn't believe it. We always worked it out and forgave. Our unspoken goal was to be happy with each other and forgive and apologize until we got back to enjoying each others company. It seems these kind of groups are ideally situated to do the same with each other. We have a known goal, we have made sacrifices and will continue to do so to be here, we all want the same thing, though we may argue, have hurt feelings and misunderstandings for a while, our goal is to be one, to be patient and kind and supportive. If we blind and lame go to hell, we'll turn the devils out and make a heaven of it. I never understood how that statement could be true, but I'm getting a taste of it now."

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