"Let me read it to you again and offer another definition. 'If a man gets fullness of the priesthood of God, he has to get it the same way that Jesus Christ obtained it, and that was by keeping all the commandments, and by obeying all the ordinances of the house of the Lord.' I want to redefine that 'house,' not in terms of physical structure or a building, but in terms of familial relationship, in which God alone establishes His house. And that to by acknowledging who His sons and daughters are. That house can never be overtaken, touched, trampled, broken, forsaken, compromised, or adulterated, because man is powerless to control God. And so when the house of God is to be set in order in the last days, don't think of that as a movement that you are a waiting for someone else to accomplish. How do you not know that the One Mighty and Strong, to be sent to set in order the house of God, is not Jesus Christ himself? Our Lord is waiting to minister to all those who will come to Him. Because, receiving our Lord is in itself an ordinance." (Denver Snuffer, 40 Years in Mormonism, Priesthood, 11/2/2013)

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