In our modern culture a title defines the position, or character, of an individual while a name is nothing but an identifier with no meaning. In Hebrew all names are words with meaning and represent the character of the individual. Using English as an example my name, from an Hebraic perspective, could be Jeff, father, husband, son or manager.

Hebrew English Transliteration Literal Translation Reference
אל El mighty one Genesis 14:19
אלוה Elo'ah power Deuteronomy 32:15
אלהים Elohiym powers Genesis 1:1
יהוה Yehu he exists Genesis 4:1
אהוה Ehyeh I exist Exodus 3:14
אדוני Adonai lords Genesis 18:27
אחד Ehhad one Zechariah 14:9
מלך Melekh king Psalm 47:6
אב Av father Isaiah 64:8
מושיע Moshi'ah deliverer Isaiah 45:15
רוח Ru'ahh wind Genesis 1:2
בורא Borey filler Isaiah 40:28
באל Ba'al master Isaiah 54:5
עושה Oseh maker Isaiah 54:5
אל שדי El Shaddai mighty breasts Genesis 17:1
אדוני יהוה Adonai Yehu Adonai of Yehu Genesis 15:2
יהוה אלהים Yehu Elohiym Yehu of Elohiym Genesis 2:4
יהוה יראה Yehu Yireh Yehu sees Genesis 22:14
יהוה נסי Yehu Nisi Yehu is my standard Exodus 17:15
יהוה שלום Yehu Shalom Yehu is completeness Judges 6:24
יהוה צדקנו Yehu Tsid'qanu Yehu is our righteousness Jeremiah 23:6
יהוה צבאות Yehu Tseva'ot Yehu of the armies 1 Samuel 1:3
אלהים צבאות Elohiym Tseva'ot Elohiym of the armies Psalm 80:7

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