"This desolating sickness is spreading steadily over the United States. The account of its ravages in many places, we cannot give. The whole number of cases in New York, to July 31st, is 3,731. Deaths, 1,520.

"No man can stop the work of the Lord, for God rules the pestilence, and the pestilence rules men. Forts, sentinels, and oceans may hinder men, or money may bribe, but when the pestilence rides on the wings of the wind, the sentinel has no power; the fort is no obstacle, the ocean is no barrier; and money has no value; the destroying angel goes waving the banner of death over all; and who shall escape his pointed arrow? Not he that could brave death at the cannon's mouth, but shrinks at the sound of the cholera; not he that worshiped his God in some stately chapel, every Sabbath till the cholera comes, and then flees for his life; no, none but he that trusts in God, shall be able to stand when a thousand shall fall at his side, and ten thousand at his right hand by the noisome pestilence." (Joseph Smith, HC v 1, ch 20, p. 282)

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