Ezra Taft Benson discourses on not trusting the arm of flesh

“Six of the original Twelve Apostles selected by Joseph Smith were excommunicated. The Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon left the Church. Three of Joseph Smith's counselors fell-one even helped plot his death. A natural question that might arise would be that if the Lord knew in advance that these men would fall, as He undoubtedly did, why did He have His prophet call them to such high office? The answer is: to fill the Lord's purposes. For even the Master followed the will of the Father by selecting Judas. (Title of Liberty, p. 217)

“The Lord strengthened the faith of the early Apostles by pointing out Judas as a traitor, even before this Apostle had completed his iniquitous work. (see Matthew 26:23-25; Luke 13:21-26) So also in our day the Lord has told us of the tares within the wheat that will eventually be hewn down when they are fully ripe. But until they are hewn down, they will be with us, amongst us. (See D&C 86:6-7) (CR April 1969, Improvement Era 72 [June 1969]: 42)

“President George Q. Cannon states: 'Perhaps it is His own design that faults and weaknesses should appear in high places in order that His Saints may learn to trust in Him and not in any man or men.' (Millennial Star, 53:658-59)

“And this would parallel Nephi's warning: Put not your 'trust in the arm of flesh' (2 Nephi 4:34).”

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