Three degrees of awareness:

  1. Dream of the first intention, the human form, victims, the dream of hell, begins by consuming the lie at the tree of knowledge, begins by self-rejection, and setting up idols or false images of perfection. Speak the Language of Gossip.
  2. Dream of the second attention, warriors, battling with awareness, fighting to become who we really are. Speak the Language of the Warrior.
  3. Dream of the third attention, masters, begins after the last judgement of ourselves or anyone else. Speak the Language of Truth. When the dead rise from their grave.


"Hiram [Smith] said Aug 1st [18]43 Those of the Terrestrial Glory either advance to the Celestial or recede to the Telestial [or] else the moon could not be a type [viz. a symbol of that kingdom]. [for] it [the moon] 'waxes & wanes'." (Franklin D. Richards, "Words of the Prophets," Historical Department of the Church, p. 24. This is a small 30 page handwritten booklet produced by Richards from 1841 -1844. In it he recorded notes from a number of sermons of Joseph Smith and others)

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