Little children (2-3 yrs old):

  • Play all the time
  • Curious
  • Live in the moment
  • Express what they feel
  • React and defend themselves when wronged
  • Quickly forgive
  • Full of love
  • Full of laughter
  • Full of imagination
  • Friendly
  • Pretending all the time
  • Completely honest
  • Say what they mean
  • Not planning or scheming or calculating
  • Do what they want, when they want to do it
  • Exploring all the time (Hagoth)
  • Sing and dance
  • Have no fear, no voice of condemnation
  • Not ashamed of the past
  • Not worried about the future

When children "play" adult they:

  • Put on scowling, serious faces
  • Are severe
  • Are concerned with punishing
  • Are concerned with rules and strict conformity
  • Repeat nonsensical (to a child) phrases from adults such as you must get an education and make good grades. (Self-education through play and exploration is the normal tendency for a child (a healthy mind) and it is much more efficient at learning and imprinting that knowledge through joy and emotions of the whole body, than the reductionist methods we use for learning.)


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