M: "We had another sacrament yesterday and it was great. Nothing spectacular happened during, but it was the first time I asked the Lord for permission to proceed before I did, and I felt like it was the first time it didn't feel a little "weird" to do it ourselves. Afterwards we had about a 45m discussion on the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit from two verses 2 Nephi 33:1-2 and it was an uncommonly really good discussion."

L: "When i was in Arizona I attended two sacraments and they were just like that. We sang a hymn, partook, and just talked about the doctrine of Christ and other principles. It made me realize how sterile/impotent our current practice is in the church. The way we practice it is actually a great representation of what we really have. A small crust of store-bought bread to symbolize the small portion of His spirit we receive and the little sustenance we'll bear to receive from Him. The sip of chlorinated tap water represents the sanitized, corporatized Jesus we worship and vainly claim redemption from. I left Arizona astounded at the contrast between the true ordinance and the shadow we now embrace instead."

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