I don't understand why women would want the church to ordain them to the priesthood and have the same positions in the church as men. Why would men? I know many men aspire for callings and see them as validation from God when they receive them, or rejection when they don't. Despite the rhetoric that we should be as happy being a janitor as a president, human nature wants position and titles and the honors of men.

Do men and women think they're entitled to further light and knowledge as they ascend higher in the church?

To know God, to receive blessings directly under his hand, to have Him unfold the mysteries of the Gospel to us, this is what we should strive for. Leave the rest to administrators.

If what they're seeking is leadership authority over others, I really don't think its worth it, who wants that but self-important fools? If what your seeking is spiritual priesthood power I think they're seeking it from the wrong place. I still haven't heard a clear distinction between the power of priesthood and the power of faith to which all women are entitled, and without which priesthood is powerless.

Genesis (JST) equates Melchizedek Priesthood with the sealing power, and this is not obtained by passing from one person to another, but by the voice and calling of God.

Would you rather have the calm and eternal assurance of your worth, spiritual gifts and powers, knowledge like the Brother of Jared, or just some guy decide to let you hold an office which has nothing to do with eternity?

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