I struggle to understand the point of attending church. I currently go for one main specific reason. The only time being at church is beneficial, is the point just after someone asks that a scripture be read, and just before anyone gives their opinion on it.

I never enjoy hearing a talk or a lesson when scriptures are used, because they are used to back up a false doctrine, like "follow the prophet". This wouldn't be such a problem if this wasn't the God of modern Mormonism. The religion IS "follow the prophet", thus every lesson, every talk, every connotation of everything that is said, and every historical rendering is painted with this brush. The saving doctrines become bereft of power. We think we still believe in Christ, but really, what we believe in, is the prophet and we have rejected Christ.

I stopped reading Denver Snuffer because I didn't want to feel aggravated with the church more than I already was. "It'll get better," or "it's not so bad" I continue to tell myself. But there really is no point. The relationships are phony, the assignments to be a friend or home teacher sets real personal relationship up on a phony ground.

I am kept from the temple because I cannot answer the test of loyalty affirmatively.

I liked what Elisha said as we read today, that he had been jealous for the Lord, and for it, he was despised, rejected by his fellow men and he was ready to be taken.

I came home today and saw this post by Denver: Only One Doctrine Left

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