The Parable of the Facade

Our religion is a facade. A facade has substance, it is beautiful, it is intended to entice. But the real meat is found inside. Whether we go in to have a meal or to dance or see a play, the substance of which we came to partake is inside, past the facade. An elder brother, not content to stand staring at the exterior went inside. From inside the beautiful building he beckoned us: "It is all right, you can come in too! It is even more beautiful in here! Nothing prevents you, you are authorized just as I was. Don't listen to those who say you need credentials, they were wrong, it is open to all!" But those outside couldn't believe. It was too good to be true, they let the naysayers shame them into standing outside. But they revered the man who went in. They rejoiced in his courage and knowledge and wisdom and wrote songs in his honor. Eventually shanties and then buildings were erected. They all entertained themselves as they congratulated each other in their wise course not to embarrass themselves by attempting to go inside the building! Three generations later another, tired of this went inside the building. He embraced the first in a joyful embrace. He also turned and beckoned to those outside and told them how well they had done so far and how he enjoyed his stay with them. He persuaded them patiently in their own language saying "Remember that man whom ye revere? He who went in, before you constructed these other buildings? He was right, it is free, you must come in, it is wonderful! Will you not? I love you." The builders however laughed him to scorn, but some others heard a familiar voice and left their various occupations and followed the man into the building. Eventually an earthquake shook the earth, and all the poorly constructed buildings of those builders and their inhabitants fell and turned to dust for they had rejected the chief cornerstone and the sure foundation.

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