"Feminists call these societies patriarchies and believe that males and females are treated and valued unequally under such systems, which is correct. However, they believe that females are being oppressed and valued less in these societies, while the opposite is actually true. Females are not oppressed by males in patriarchal societies; they are being protected by them, and they are not valued less than males, they are valued more. If not, it would not make any sense to protect them. If males were seen as more important than females, females would sacrifice themselves for males, not the other way around.

"From nature’s perspective, males and females are equals. But from society’s perspective, females are more valuable than males, and the majority of males have always been of less worth in successful societies, sometimes even completely disposable. This does not necessarily mean that females have been treated better, however, and it does not mean that the tiny minority at the top of the social pyramid have been females, or that the few male leaders at the top also were disposable. But at the end of the day, when human survival was at stake, females have been rescued first from sinking ships, while males were expected to accept sure death; females never had the obligation of going to war to defend their societies, while males always have; and neither is a female expected to rescue a male in distress, while a male is always expected to risk his life to protect a female. This is why both nations and boats are referred to as females by the way, as males have always felt more at ease with the thought of dying for a female rather than an abstract idea, like a nation, or for a replaceable object, like a boat.

"The societies that have prospered until today were inevitably the ones that aligned their social structures with this unequal valuation of males and females, because it is more important that females survive than males do for the sake of a society that wants to survive and expand. One male and a hundred females can in theory re-populate a region a hundred times as fast as a hundred males and one female ever could, and in practice much faster than that since one female cannot bear a hundred children in her lifetime. As far as society is concerned, males are the disposable sex, almost worthless, while females are far more valuable. This is the basis for every social difference between males and females you can think of, not only for high-level formalities like females not being obligated to defend their nation in wartime, but including low-level informalities like boys being expected to pay for a girl’s ice cream on their date. These differences only make sense if females are to be treated as more vulnerable but also as more valuable than males." (W. Anton)

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